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E-Urban Mission: 4. Mission and Strategy [EN]

Who we are, what we do, what we want ... (4) 

This is the fourth part of a series of introductions to the dafting of the Mission Statement (Mission, Methods, People - MMP). The preceding ones are: E-Urban Mission: 1. Skills, E-Urban Mission: 2. Tools and E-Urban Mission: 3. Standards & Empowerment.

Mission and Strategy
This kind of transformations doesn't come about from launching an idea in the air.

  • Discussions with colleagues all over Europe,
  • experiences with the city-networks under URBACT and former Europe-inspired networks,
  • and my own career in city government,
  • with NGO's and as a civil servant charged with managing the first Dutch integral area-based regeneration projects, as well as, lastly,
  • an European consultant to local urban projects and
  • engagements in research,

all those, underpin the "Mission Statement" under Mission-Methods-People (sidebar).
In that paper, we try to design a road to the above discussed transformations.

The next part of this series of introductions to the drafting of the Mission Statement (MMP) of e-urban, is:

E-Urban Mission: 5. How to proceed on the website? 


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