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Diversity Within Unity Conference – Brussels, 26 April 2006

Profile: 1-Day Europe-oriented seminar on immigrant and minority policies
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Source: EUKN 
The Diversity Within Unity Project organises a conference on the theme of “Rights and responsibilities of immigrants and their new homelands”. Amongst others, British Minister of State for Immigration and Citizenship Tony McNulty, Danish Minster for Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs Rikke Hvilshoj, and sociologist Amitai Etzioni will participate. Purpose of the meeting is to explore the merits and challenges of the Diversity Within Unity approach and elaborate on its policy implications in Europe.
Diversity Within Unity (DWU) aims to change the contours of the debate by positing an alternative to strict assimilation and unbounded multiculturalism. The meeting is organized by the Diversity Within Unity Project at George Washington University and Centre for European Policy Studies.
Participation is by invitation only. Please email DWU Outreach Director Kirsten Bell for more information.

Diversity Within Unity Project

Centre for European Policy Studies

Our Comment: 

This seems an interesting effort to bring together US and European scientists and politicians who work in this field. It is undeniable that American diversity politics are far more sophisticated than most of the European ones. Ethnic and religious diversity are an accepted phenomenon in immigration countries like the U.S., Canada, Israel, New Zealand, some Latin American countries and Australia. Amitai Etzioni's communautarian theories play an important role in, for instance, Dutch PM Balkenende's thinking. (This is why we make also a Dutch announcement of this conference here.)

As one of the two main intertheme projects of URBACT to be launched soon, urban dealing with immigration issues comes more and more to the forefront. Some alarming developments in Europe (like the French suburbs rebellion of 2005 and the racist tendencies in the Rotterdam dealing with immigrant isuues, mentioned elsewhere on this website) lend a specific importance to this event. 

If e-urban may obtain an invitation to this event, we will certainly inform you about our impressions. 

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