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Breakthrough in EU Commission's priorities in favour of Cities?

EUKN announces on its' website:
EUROCITIES calls for urban priority in cohesion policy

EUROCITIES called for specific guidelines focusing on cities and urban areas to be incorporated into the Community Strategic Guidelines (CSG) for Cohesion Policy. This ´Fourth Priority´ should be aimed at 'Reinforcing the urban contribution to employment, social inclusion and sustainable development'.
The Community Strategic Guidelines (CSG) set out the principles and priorities on which the future Structural Funds should be based.
Currently, the European Commission is preparing a Communication on cohesion policy and cities. The Communication will be based both on the Commission’s working paper ‘Cohesion policy and cities: the urban contribution to growth and jobs in the regions’ and on stakeholder responses to this document. The document fully acknowledges the role of cities as engines of economic development in Europe's regions.
The Commission intents to incorporate the paper’s conclusions in the final version of the CSG. By incorporating these conclusions the urban dimension can be fully taken into account in the Structural Funds programmes covering the period 2007-2013.
 Our comment:
 This communication is more about the Commision than about Eurocities. It is to hope, that the Commision's intention will be followed up, but nobody can be sure. As a reminder: No specific budget posts are reserved in the 2007-2013 budget for the cities. The European cities bear the brunt of the budget cuts decided upon in December 2005 at the Council budget discussions. It would be an utter scandal, if maintaining the level of agricultural subventions will mean, that the cities, core to the Lisbon economic programme, would be sacrified to a politician's compromise. Eurocities does a good job in calling attention to this. We'll have to wait for the Barcelona Conference, scheduled for the end of May, in order to see, if something will really change!
Here are the amendments that Eurocities proposed to the draft-CSG:
eurocities6428 1.jpg
















eurocities6428 2.jpg 

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