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REGENERA Budapest Learning Points [EN] (04/06/06)

An interesting description of the visit and many links to documents, notably on the REGENERA department of the URBACT website, is made accessible by Alexander Wagner, the Regenera manager at Greater Lyon leading City office:38magdscaffold.JPG

[Here is] a first feed-back on our meeting in Budapest on degraded condominiums in urban regeneration . The short paper presents briefly the topic, describes the visited projects and summarises some of the major discussions during the meeting.

This paper does not replace the thematic report, which is to be issued until our next meeting in June.

Please find a complete documentation of our meeting with all presentations and relevant documents on our website: http://www.urbact.org/en/regenera/work_sessions/id/4e5a5e50062ce4da5889d90ffccdc9b2/


Best regards
Alexander Wagner Greater Lyon
REGENERA project management

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