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Most e-urban visitors are not afraid of Turkish access to EU 20.2.07 [EN]

For some time, we proposed a poll to our visitors about the eventual accession of Turkey into the European Union. The results are published here. Less than one third of a per Cent of our visitors voted. The results are not representative at all. But a trend is visible. The three more or less favourable opinions got 66,6% of the vote, while only 20% are against a Turkish entry into the EU. 10 % is neutral and 3% has no opinion.
Turkish immigrants: A positive force in the urban neighbourhood 
My experience with Turkish people in urban areas is positive: Most often, they are a driving force for emancipation in the wide sense of that word. Their skills are not significantly less developed than the skills of most inhabitants. They tend to establish thriving small commerces that serve the whole community. I see no difference between the integration of, for instance, Poles and Slovenians into our communities and that of Turks. There are reasons to believe, that the education- and cultural gaps for most of the Bulgarians and Romanians are wider than those for Turks.
Reasons for enlarging the EU into Asia Minor 
In a broader sense, an enlargement of the European Union into the Asia-Minor area, is a logical step. The EU has an overriding interest in controlling the routes to central Asia, the entrance of the Black Sea and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey is an European state. It will help stabilise the Balkans, the Near East and Central Asia. It has a high productive potential and a stark growing population, well educated, and an industrial and agricultural infrastructure that is complementary to the existing one in the classical EU countries. Culturally, it has an abundance to deliver of ancient and modern riches.
We should not be afraid of a richer diversity! 
Here are the detailed poll results: 
What do you think about Turkey in the European Union?

Yes, why not? 33%10
Yes, if it accepts conditions of the EU 23%7
Yes, under conditions, 15 years from now 10%3
No, but I may change my opinion 10%3
No, it s culturally incompatible 13%4
No, never: Over my dead body! 7%2
No opinion 3%1
30 votes total
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