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Claude Jacquier (video): Three stunning suggestions for the future of urban practice in Europe [EN]

  • mobilisation and putting to work the feminine qualities (of the two genders) that have been neglected for too long a time,
  • honour the practice of the better urban practicians who conspire against institutional establishments,
  • transform URBACT into an European University (or day-to-day practice) of urban practicians.

Below, is the video of the summary of Claude Jacquier's conclusions at the Regenera European Urban Network Final Conference in Lyon, February 23, 2OO7:

In order to understand Jacquier's propositions, an English translation of them is given below. Please, stop the video registration every time, as the (degressive) counter indicates:

2:20    2:04    1:46    1:34    1:26    1:13    1:02    0:49    0:30   or   0:15,

and look at the translation at the corresponding time.

Sorry for the poor quality of image and sound. I am an amateur, but I intend to learn quickly in the works. Which is exactly, what Jacquier would like us to understand and appreciate....

 2:20 - .... We do not learn this at school. It is learning by practicing. When you are  active in the field, within the framework of a project, you learn, you change, you change organisations, and, continually, you change the project itself. You develop the profession [of urban practician].

2:04 - I do also believe, that there is a very important dimension to this [..], the gender question. Women, in positions of responsibility, do appear more and more.

(Remark also, how Mme Sylvie Harburger, to the right, just at this moment, grabs her pen!)

1:46 - And I think, that this doesn't happen in order to just please the women. It is my opinion, that in this way, life in general is being transformed and the ways in which we see it.

1:34 - I think also, that we will have to pay much more attention than we do now, to what happens in the field and to the complexity of what happens there.

1:26 - There is an overwhelming, traditional, role, that has been imposed on women, i.e: to manage at the same time all and everything, be able to change their role at any moment ...

1:13 - ... to manage the household, the children, cooking - and in that way to have imposed upon them a way, which is also an asset, a capacity, to work with rapidly changing working conditions that demand constant changes in role and attitude.

1:02 - This is an important challenge. [This situation has given birth to a matrix ... that defines for a large part] that professional role that is ours. It is a conspirators' role. Yes, we are indeed conspirators!

0:49 - ... Conspirators who transform, make go forward, our environment. In order to change institutions, organisations, and, finally transform the professions which are engaged in urban development in Europe ... we'll have to be - strategists.

0:30 - You do not learn this at school. I am an University teacher, but I can assure you, that this is not to be acquired at the university. It is learned in the field, in practice.

0:15 - [One of the merits of URBACT is, that, in its first programme, it has brought the field into the learning process.] URBACT should become such a practical university for the urban developers' profession in Europe. That is my greatest hope for our future! (Applause).

What is imporant to us: That this has been said. What has been said. And where it has been said: It was said at an European public evaluation meeting in the presence of URBACT Secretary-General Jean Loup Drubigny and of the first head of French Urban Development Directorate, now head of urban department within the Region Directorate of the European Commission, Sylvie Harburger. And, most important, it is a message to us, urban practicians in need of reconnaissance (appreciation) of our profession, in need of more room for our emancipation objectives and methods, and, most, in need of a strong position within our institutional environment.

The words of our friend Claude Jacquier, you guessed it, underpin valiantly the e-urban objectives and mission.

It is our intention, to answer the Jacquier challenge by publishing on:

  • UrbiPedia: 'Jacquier' analyse and diagnostic methods; and: 'the urban transformation profession,
  • Ur.Babel: 'Conspriracy/Verschwörung/Samenzwering',
  • Journal: English (here), German and Dutch versions of the original French post, a (translations); and: URBACT's Future within the context of other European initiatives for Research and Dissemination of urban affairs, as well as:
  • Profiles in Competence: Claude Jacquier.

e-urban's interpretation of the urban practicians' 'conspiracy' proposition against the institutional establishment, is somewhat different from Jacquier's. But we appreciate highly that he has tackled the question. For our comments, see: Journal: Regenera Final report: Process, Gender and Conspiracy 25.2.07 EN, and its upcoming French, German and Dutch translations.

Forward: From Conspiracy to Inspiration!

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