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Muslims: At Home In Europe. Soros Says So. It Was Always My idea, Too. 25/12 [EN]

(This article was first published in my blog At Home In Europe. Since February 2009 hosted by Euractiv.eu)
I do not claim exclusivity for the name “At Home in Europe“. In 1993, some time before George Soros engaged into bringing democracy and moral integrity into Central and Eastern Europe, I embraced that challenging slogan, together with my colleagues and friends from France, Germany and Great-Britain, in the small create!europe network. We were all working at urban neighbourhood emancipation through local integrated projects. Most of us, including me, still are.
George Soros became famous, when he speculated successfully against the British Pound (£) in 1992, forcing it out of the European currency “slang”. Much of the money he got out of this disastrous (for Europe) move, was invested, later on, into a series of private initiatives for democracy and civil society in countries like Bosnia, Hungary, Serbia and the Ukraine.
Showing, how you can throw bad money to good causes.

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