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An email to the Dean of the Olivet University in San Francisco about Ulfkotte 7/12 [EN]

'Ölanbetung": Einer der anti-islamischer "Pinns", die Ulfkotte verkauft im Internet.I know many people who are not unlucky about Mr. Ulfkottes emigration to the United States Of America. But for the risk, that it is not true at all.

2003, Ulfkotte swore, that he would never more live in Hessen, as the regional security services stalked him there too much. 2008, Kopp Verlag pretended that Ulfkotte and his family had moved to a "christian mountain village" in order to escape Muslim terrorists. But summer 2009, Ulfkotte is still in his Wetzlar (Hessen) home, tending his fish ponds, as proved by the Kopp Verlag video about "Vorsicht Buergerkrieg", that shows Ulfkotte behind a lecture desk before his garden. (Videos removed from YouTube by Kopp Verlag, that wishes to commercialise them.)

Is Udo Ulfkotte "living" in San Francisco, as Kopp Aktuell pretends in November 2009? Anyhow, he seems to be in Germany, preparing a video about "lying journalists" (never a dull moment with Udo...). "Politically Incorrect" (PI) is sure, that he is giving a series of lectures at US evangelical schools about "geistige Landesverteidigung" (Moral Defense Of The Country).

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