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Update 2006.11.20 [EN]

The site has been updated and reorganised.

1. Overviews: At the top of the sidebar, you'll see the four language overview pages. The e-urban front page has been changed to the effect, that the visitor may choose to see an overview in his/her preferred language of the latest additions to the Journal, the other blogs and the reference-departments of the site. An update of the status of the "Mission-Methods-People" platform is also present.

2. Navigation: All parts and categories of e-urban are now accessible in a structured way via the NAVIGATION rubric in the sidebar. Accessibility has been improved, as clicking on a folder leads to a documented overview of the different ways to access parts of that folder. The only exceptions are the Mission-Methods-People part, and, the external links. The latter will find their spot in the Navigation rubric soon.

3. Suppression of translation-blogs: The translation blogs did not work out as expected. Translations and summaries have been incorporated in Journal, Agenda, UrbLog, etc. again. Filtering posts in a preferred language is made easy through systematic categorialisation in [EN], [FR], etc.

4. Transfer of Regenera UrbLog to Journal: All posts in Regenera Urblog have been transferred and recategorised to Journal. 

5. Cleaning up of the sidebar: The sidebar had become too crowded. That slows browsing, as it has to be rebuilt every time a new page of e-urban is accessed. Some elements have been transferred to specific pages, others have been lightened drastically.

6. A new blog - Site Management: A special blog has been launched to carry information the site and its management. This post is part of it.In French it is called "Ménage du site", in German: "Haushaltsmitteilungen" and in Dutch: "Huishoudelijks". Your opinions and suggestions are welcome here.

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