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Gabriel Chanan (London) joins the e-urban team (12.1.07) [EN]

As promised in the last note in this blog, a new team member joins e-urban this week.
Gabriel Chanan
is one of the best catches, e-urban could start with.
His authorised profile is published in the "Profiles in Compentence" Section today. We also publish in the Journal a complementary, more personal, introduction to Gabriel's work and his role in laying the foundations of a more scientific approach of urban community development in the UK as well as in the European Union.

We have invited Gabriel to contribute to e-urban from time to time on developments in UK policy and method which may be of interest elsewhere in Europe, and his own views on philosophical dilemmas connected with local development. He accepted. His views on theoretical dilemmas will be published in his own Blog, that is soon to appear on this site. His contributions on developments in UK policy appear in the Journal.

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