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Spectacular growth of visits, new editors, official launch and more projects (07.01.07) [EN]

UKFlag.gif 1. Statistics - or: How are we doing?

In the 4th 2006 quarter, e-urban received more than 2000 unique visitors per month (and more than 100.000 other hits). That is a considerable performance, for the site has not yet been publicised. Most visitors came from the Netherlands (roughly 27%), from France (25%), Belgium (15%) and Germany (12%). The U.K., after a slow start, is rapidly claiming it's due rank. An interesting number of visitors originated in the US, Australia and Canada. The Northern and Eastern EU countries are already discovering e-urban, be it in small numbers. A disappointing gap is still present in Portugal, Spain and Italy. We are working at it. e-urban visitors' statistics can be consulted at the visitors' statistics pages, by country and by city (by "neoworks") and, on the countries page (as well as in the sidebar) geolocated by "clustrmaps".

2. New Editors and Members 

In January 2007, two co-editors will arrive in e-urban. They will be presented in the "Profiles in Competence"- and in the "Friends Of e-urban" Sections. They have editing rights and will contribute to the central blogs under their own names and will eventually create their own personal blogs within the site!
After the official launch of the e-urban site in February 2007, membership rights will be open to colleagues who wish to participate in the e-urban operation. Their comments will be published without intervention by the website owner and they may submit draft contributions to any part of e-urban.

3. Publishing programme for January 2007

Sections for reference:
Mission-Methods-People: Translations into French, German and Dutch of the introductory e-urban propositions.
Profiles in Competence: Four new profiles.
Urbipedia: Sustainability; Autogestion; Emancipation; Evaluation; Partnership.
Ur.Babel: Capitalisation; Aansturen; Monitoring; Rupture; Précarité; Prekariat.

Journal: 2 Book Reviews; Evaluation of some URBACT outcomes; Local (diagnostic!) analyses from Amsterdam, The Hague, Brussels, Barcelona, Marseille, Bologna, NRW, Hamburg, Bologna, Krakow.
Photo Gallery: Bremen-Gröpelingen Revisited (a first version has been published on "flickr", see Images Section)
Huib's UrbLog: Bobbies and Thieves - Continued; Relegation et Gentrification à St-Gilles (Bruxelles); Parallelaktionen; Grondig Groningen. 

Your suggestions are welcome. 

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