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E-Urban Travel Scheme (31.1.07) [EN]

e-urban Launch 

We prepare the launch of e-urban. Some parts of the site have to be updated and additional content should be provided.

  • On UrbiPedia and Ur.Babel, new posts are to appear shortly.
  • In Profiles in Competence, a more balanced set of biographies of urban practicians is due.
  • Some articles in the Journal that we are preparing, need some research and interviews on the spot.

the e-urban car
Travel scheme

We will be travelling in the coming weeks, having appointments and meetings on the locations indicated below. Our readers are invited, to propose additional interviews and meetings at their offices, if they see an opportunity in the provisional scheme that follows.

UK: 12-17 February - London and Bristol (15/16-2)

France: 19-24 February - Marseille (20-2) and Lyon (22/23-2)

Holland and Belgium: 1-7 March (Antwerp and Groningen)

Germany: Ruhr Region and the North-West: 13-17 March 

Spain: 2-13 April (Catalunya, Madrid and the North-West Regions) 

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