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NEW E-Urban Poll on Minimum urban integrated area-based urban development projects 22.05.07 [EN]

After the EU/Turkey poll, we published today a NEW one on e-urban:

What should be the Minimum Duration of an integrated, area-based urban regeneration project?
1 year
2 years (60% of initial proposals)
4 years (European Average)
8 years (90% sustainable results recorded)
More, if necessary
I don't know
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This poll is for experienced people who are, or have been, working in integrated urban neighbourhood projects, for researchers who work(ed) in that field and for urban officials and councillors, who organise and monitor this kind of projects.
Others, are kindly invited to vote for Nr. 6: "I don't know".
Please, note, that we are speaking about integrated projects, i.e. projects that comprise action on more than one policy department (f.i.: housing, jobs, education, culture). Objective of that kind of projects is attaining a sustainable, autonomous dynamic in the economy, the community and the interaction of people involved in the area. (For the measurability of those objectives, see upcoming article of Gabriel Chanan <link>.)
 It is our (e-urban) estimation, that, initially, about 60% of the projects in preparation, are limited to a duration of 1 or 2 years. (Answer 2).
This is often corrected after one or two years. The real average project duration in Europe is, (again, our estimation), about 4 years. (Answer 3).
But the often occurring insecurity about the near future of the project is having a negative effect on this kind of prolongated interventions.
It is our impression, that a project span of about 8 years is the most effective one. This doesn't mean, that the project should remain unchanged and un-updated during that entire duration. If it is successful, after some years, another kind of leadership, respecting the structures that have been put in place and run by the partners within and outside of the area, should be developed. Urban integrated area based projects are dynamic in structure but steadfast in their main goal: creating sustainable local dynamics, integrated in the greater body of the urban environment.
Creating a privileged audience within e-urban: The Members 
This might be our last professional poll that is open to all visitors. We are preparing for e-urban a membership-status. Urban practicians will be invited to propose themselves as such, filling out a simple form on this website. If accepted as such, they will have no obligations, only rights:
  • Access to contact and biographical information of colleagues who are also member,
  • Unmonitored commenting on journal- and other posts,
  • Other internal e-urban news, invisible to the general public.
Enjoy the Poll! And help preparing European quality standards for future urban integrated development projects!!

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