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E-urban restarts at September 1st 15.7.07 EN

We addressed the problems of local emancipation managers in Europe during a year.

We got some responses, but most of you choose to remain silent.

About 2000 visits to the e-urban website were logged each month since November 2006.

What shall we do?

QEC-ERAC proposes a site where practicians may exchange experiences. It is a good initiative. We support it. They are better equipped than us, to help you solve your problems, your questions. We would have liked to be a part of it.

But Europe is still a field of tournament. It is a market, and the players on that market obey to the rules of it.

No, we do not give up. We'll monitor what is being done and what is not being done. I will go and visit projects and their managers all over Europe in July and August. E-Urban will be closed until September 1st. Your comments are welcome. You'll get even a reply, if circumstances allow it.

In September, we will look a the situation again, and decide what is best for European Urban Practicians. 

Until then: Goodbye! 

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