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Ur.Babel: Introduction [EN]

UR.Babel Relieved.

e-urban's comments on rapidly changing keywords within the Babylonian Tower of urban intervention

Urban ghettos, precarious neighbourhoods, show crime, impoverishment, drugs abuse, bad schools and an apparent absence of any cultural asset. Poverty and regression are ugly things.
Ugly things make no good sell for white-paper writing bureaucrats or researchers.
That is why, amongst them, an uncommon creativity rules in the domain of words, of neologisms.
Words are powerful. Often, it is the word that defines the way of thinking, and not the thought that gives birth to a word.

That is why we try to be alert, so as not to give in to the power of words that may contaminate our thinking.

UR.Babel WORDS is about verbiage and its' eventual evil consequences. It features an etymological and Orwellian ("newspeak") approach to linguistic innovations.
As much as possible, comments are translated into the three other e-urban languages.