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ECAS EU Funding Guide 2006 [EN] (4/9/6)

ECAS - European Citizen Action Service - 83 Rue du Prince Royal - B-1050 Brussels has a new edition of its practical EU (and non-EU) FUNDING Guide:



Accessing Europe's Largest Donor, 12th Edition 

The 12th Edition comes in 2 Volumes:

Vol. 1:  Funding within the EU
Vol. 2:  Funding outside the EU

with important and useful information on relevant budget lines, comprehensive guidelines on how to fundraise with the EU and a lot of more… 

A very competitive price…!!  

40€ for vol.1 and 35€ for vol. 2…Only 60€ for the Set of both

 More information on the ECAS ordering page.

Our advice: Useful for local initiatives, and less expensive than other publications of this kind (and certainly to be preferred over the services of commercial funding merchants that thrive in Brussels!). 


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